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In California, child support is based on a very simple idea: Children are entitled to the financial support of both parents. At Lonich Patton Ehrlich Policastri, we are committed to helping parents get fair and equitable child support for their children.

California Child Support

The state of California has developed a complicated mathematical formula for determining how much child support will be awarded. Some of the factors considered when determining child support levels include the number of children, the percentage of time a child spends in the custody of each parent, income of each parent, health insurance premiums and any child support payment made to other children.

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While this system is effective in a majority of cases, it is imperfect. The child support calculator is dependent on the accuracy of the information used in making the calculations. We work closely with our clients and, where necessary, forensic accountants and vocational evaluators, to ensure that child support decisions are based on accurate information.

Our attorneys regularly handle complex issues affecting income available for support such as underemployment and earning capacity, stock options and RSUs, income-producing assets, and hidden income. In addition, we have significant experience in calculating the income of self-employed business owners and assessing the value of noncash assets of expatriates working in foreign countries.

Child Support Modification and Enforcement

It is important to recognize that child support payments are subject to modification, either because of changes to the guidelines or a substantial change in the circumstances of the parents. We have significant experience in representing clients seeking child support modifications and enforcement of child support orders, as well as parents in collection actions related to back child support payments.

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