Enforcement and Modifications

Enforcement and Modifications

In a perfect world, a divorce agreement or judgment will serve as a lasting and permanent solution. In reality, however, situations change and modification frequently becomes necessary. Whether you need to modify the amount of spousal support or child support you are paying or require assistance with enforcing the terms of your divorce agreement, we are fully prepared to assist you. Our family law lawyers have helped clients modify and enforce divorce agreements for nearly two decades.

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Our attorneys have an extensive family law backgrounds and work hard to ensure that the divorce agreement accurately reflects our clients’ needs and goals.

This dedicated advocacy extends to those situations where a change in circumstances has necessitated a modification to an existing divorce agreement. Some common examples of a change in circumstances include:

  • A parent wanting to relocate or move away with the child
  • A child graduating high school, making child support unnecessary
  • A parent getting a new job or losing their job
  • A former spouse re-marrying and no longer needing alimony
  • A parent looking to regain child custody after meeting court requirements

Whether you want the divorce agreement modified or need help preventing your former spouse from modifying it, we will protect your best interests. Our family law litigation attorneys thoroughly prepare every case to be successful in trial, but also recognize when settlement through meditation or other forms of collaborative law is a more cost-effective resolution. This balanced approach allows clients to make informed decisions about their future and finances.

Extensive Experience Enforcing Divorce Agreements

A divorce can be emotionally draining, and its aftermath especially stressful when either side fails to follow through with the terms of the divorce agreement. We have extensive experience representing clients who have not received child support or who have not had the terms of their visitation arrangement honored by the former spouse.

If your former spouse is not meeting the terms of your divorce agreement, we will take aggressive action, including filing a contempt action, garnishing wages or obtaining a property lien. We also vigorously defend those clients wrongly accused of not following the terms of their divorce agreement.