February 2022 LPEP Spotlight: Bethany Brass

Bethany Brass is an attorney at Lonich Patton Ehrlich Policastri.

What do you like about practicing family law?

A: I enjoy the multifaceted and interrelational aspects of practicing family law. While there are a general set of issues we see time and time again, no two days or two cases are the same. As a practitioner, family law affords me opportunities to deep dive into complex and highly intellectual legal issues and arguments, and to collaborate with various experts in related fields (e.g., child development/custody, accounting, real estate, etc.) to yield the best outcomes for each particular client. The personal nature of family law presents a welcome challenge for me because the resolution we reach in each case is specific to that particular family, and it has real-time impact for the lives of my clients and their families.

What strengths do you bring to the game?

A: I approach my cases with reason, sensibility, and a strong eye for details and nuance. Family law often requires that we actively try to settle issues while simultaneously prepare the case (and client) for litigation, should settlement not be achieved. Those two components can contradict each other at times, but my ability to step in and out of either role, negotiator or litigator, and at times, balance both roles, allows me to serve my clients’ interests and needs in an effective manner. My attention to detail, organization, and procedure also makes me an invaluable asset on cases that involve highly complex issues and/or involve high conflict.

Something about you?

A: I am passionate about developing my management and leadership skills. I believe in bringing others up with me, and implementing systems that allow teams to succeed, grow, rather than a single individual or a select few. I have been especially inspired by the work of Brené Brown and Adam Grant. I also really enjoy indulging in international travel and going on yoga retreats, which I have missed tremendously during the pandemic. My hope for all of us is that we may be able to safely resume those adventures soon.

Bethany M. Brass, attorney with experience in family law and estate planning matters