July 2023 LPEP Spotlight: Damaris Alamillo

Damaris Alamillo is a receptionist at Lonich Patton Ehrlich Policastri.

Fun facts about your professional life and why

  • What was your dream job as a kid?
    I wanted to be an archaeologist. The thought of traveling around the world and being able to analyze history firsthand was so exhilarating; I even took archaeology courses in college. Though it’s not something I want to pursue anymore, history is still something I thoroughly enjoy.

Fun facts about your personal life and why

  • What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?
    So far, my favorite concert has been Harry Styles at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. I went with my sister who is a massive fan. We sang, we cried, we screamed. It was the best!

Random fun facts and why

  • If you could have dinner with someone famous, who would you choose? 
    I would like to have dinner with my favorite author: Judith McNaught. I’d love to pick her brain about her writing process, her favorite characters, and her upcoming work. It’s because of her that I became the avid reader that I am today.