May LPEP Spotlight: Riley Pennington

This month, we’re highlighting associate attorney Riley Pennington. She focuses her practice on all aspects of Family Law. Riley has been a member of the California Bar since 2015 and is a Certified Family Law Specialist.

What strengths do you bring to the game?

My prior work experience prepared me to be both confident and knowledgeable about financial matters, but also compassionate and protective with clients who are in vulnerable positions. I volunteered for 2 years at San Diego-based non-profit law firm providing legal services to indigent families involved in high conflict custody cases. This led to being awarded the Wiley W. Manual Award for pro-bono services, as well as the San Diego Volunteer Service Distinguished Service Award and Standout Volunteer Award. In my five years at LPEP, I have expanded upon those skills to become a creative problem solver in the areas of child and spousal support, small business asset division, stock allocation and division and many other complex financial subjects. I have also expanded my practice to include step-parent and grandparent adoption cases.

What do you like about practicing family law?

Family law is the best of both legal words. I have the opportunity to work directly with my clients and address their real-world needs during what is often a difficult time in their lives. I am fortunate to be able to provide not only legal guidance but emotional support and empathy during stressful life events. At the same time, practicing family law presents the challenge of intersecting areas of law and complex legal issues that are often evolving and require ongoing research and new, creative approaches. Every case is unique and that allows me to grow and expand upon my skills on a daily basis.

Something about you?

Trinity Lake is my favorite place on earth. Hobbies include extreme charcuterie board design, hosting dinner parties, and trying to understand hockey so I can pass for a San Jose native.

Family law attorney, Riley V. Pennington in the Bay Area of California