November 2022 LPEP Spotlight: Gretchen Z. Boger

Gretchen Z. Boger is a partner at Lonich Patton Ehrlich Policastri.

What do you like about family law?

A: Family law allows me to see firsthand my effect on the client’s case. I enjoy working closely with my clients to achieve their goals. Clients drive strategy; lawyers drive litigation. If the client wants to go to trial, we do that. If the client wants to mediate, we make that happen. Every case is different and challenging.

What strengths do you bring to the game?

A: I am a natural born litigator. I love the courtroom: trials, hearings, exhibits, evidence, settlement conferences, all of it. Being willing to take a case to trial helps drive favorable settlement results. I learned this as a former Deputy District Attorney and Prosecutor, trying many criminal cases before becoming a family lawyer.

Something about you?

A: I love running, spending time with my 2 children, and traveling.