October 2023 LPEP Spotlight: Mark Manalo

Mark Manalo is a law clerk at Lonich Patton Ehrlich Policastri.

Fun facts about your professional life and why

  • What would you say you are most passionate about?
    My foremost passion revolves around my commitment to education. Presently, I am an active participant in Santa Clara’s J.D. M.B.A. program, a pursuit I hold in high regard. The concurrent engagement with law and business courses is immensely gratifying, allowing me to discern and establish meaningful connections between these two disciplines.

Fun facts about your personal life and why

  • What is your main hobby outside of work?
    Beyond my academic and professional engagements, I find solace in pursuing golf as a primary recreational activity. The course that currently garners my favor is Coyote Creek, where I dedicate my leisure time to honing my skills. I am a fan of Manchester United Football Club.

Random fun facts and why

  • Do you prefer pancakes or waffles?
    I prefer waffles over pancakes. My favorite toppings are strawberries, bananas, and Nutella.